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New Product Release of VORTEX Spinning Machine

Murata Machinery, Ltd. (main office: 136, Takeda-Mukaishiro-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto; president: Daisuke Murata) announces the development and release of the new model VORTEX spinning machine “VORTEX 870 EX,” our textile machinery business flagship product line, and its world debut at the Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition “ITMA 2019” to be held in Barcelona, Spain from June 20 to 26, 2019.


[About the VORTEX spinning machine]

The VORTEX spinning machine that features handling the three processes of roving, spinning and winding in a single machine and produces distinctive functional yarn by a unique spinning method using an air vortex has raised reliability in high-speed spinning by reflecting the recommendations and improvement points of our valued customers and from our many years of industry know-how and experience since our first-generation machine was released in 1997.

Yarn produced by our VORTEX spinning machine (VORTEX yarn) and textile products using them offer advantages including (1) less-hairiness, clear yarn appearance, (2) superior pilling and abrasion resistance, (3) superior moisture absorption and wash resistance, and (4) hard-to-lose shape stability, and they have been adopted by apparel manufacturers all over the world.

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[About VORTEX 870 EX]

By improving the motor, shortening the cycle time and upgrading the throughput of each device, the new model 870 EX realizes high-speed spinning at 550m/min. (max.), exceeding the previous model “VORTEX Ⅲ 870” at 500m/min then the world’s fastest. In addition, we have expanded the material that can be spun in response to the expanding use of VORTEX yarn, and in its latest generation, it makes possible use of the widest range of materials and counts as a single spinning machine.