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Cut-and-sew tops for women with VORTEX yarn

Bon Sens, a brand that presents elegant and graceful style, released cut-and-sew tops with VORTEX yarn.

The producer of Bon Sens, Ms. Saito from FORUM Co., Ltd presented their products on a shopping TV program, SHOP CHANNEL.





Women's tops with gorgeous raffle frills, created with the draping rayon fabric of
soft yet firm texture only possible with the unique structure of VORTEX yarn


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Favorable comments from Ms. Saito of FORUM Co., Ltd.

3_24_1When I visited Muratec in February of 2009 and saw VORTEX, I thought, "This is it!" It had everything that I was looking for. I love cut-and-sew viscose clothes for their soft and smooth texture, but rayon has many problems. VORTEX solved them for us.

1. Washable, even if it's viscose
2. Resistant to pilling after washing
3. Soft, keeping the body shape, but not being too tight or floppy
4. Silky
Viscose VORTEX fabric satisfies all these four points. That's why it's perfect for making "Bon Sens" tops as they often have gatherings and frills. They just look amazing with VORTEX. It's good for anything from functional clothing to fashion clothing. We can recommend it to our customers with confidence, and their positive feedback tells us that we can be proud of what we are making.